The institution believes that it must transform itself with time to keep pace with the dynamism that the academic world displays. In its bid for self improvement, through a structured and time bound mechanism, the institution attempts to be self reflective in its approach and introduces various practices from time to time, that would bolster its goal of imparting knowledge in a streamlined manner. The college therefore has set up a mechanism for self- appraisal to gauge its academic progress, and at the same time has endeavored to keep its future goals realistically achievable. With the inception of the IQAC in 2015 and after prolonged deliberation in the meeting of Governing Body, it was resolved to begin with the process of Academic Audit. 

Annual Reports

Session 2015-16

Session 2016-17

Session 2017-18

Session 2018-19

Till the session 2018 - 19, academic audit was conducted internally. The Governing Body of the College decided that from the session 2019 - 2020, Academic Audit of the institution would not only be conducted internally but other external agencies would also be involved in the process. Administrative Audit would also be undertaken from the session 2019 - 2020. The same practice of internal as well as external audit would be adopted for Administrative Audit as well.

Audit Reports

Academic Audit 
Session 2019 - 2020



Administrative Audit
Session 2019 - 2020