With the formation of the IQAC on 31/01/2015, the following initiatives were taken

Session 2015-16

1. The process of admission into the First Year was made completely Online.

2. State Level Seminar on 'Recent Trends and Challenges in Education' was organised with financial assistance from Indian Council of Social Sciences and Research.

Session 2016-17

1. District Level Inter College Competition on Netaji's Great Escape was organised with financial assistance from Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal.

Session 2017-18

1. Formation of a sub - committee to assist students in filng anti - ragging affidavit online while taking admission into College.

2. Making the College campus wifi enabled. Students and teachers can avail wifi facility for free during the College hours.

Session 2018-19

1. With financial assistance from Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal District Level Inter College Competition was organised to commemorate 125 years of Swami Vivekananda's Speech delivered in Chicago. 

2. Uploading of IIQA and SSR for NAAC assesment and approval (First Cycle).

3. NAAC Peer Team visit on 26/03/2019 and 27/03/2019.

4. Introduction of Short - Term Course in Spoken English for Teaching Faculty of College.

Session 2019-20

1. Organization of Special Lectures on Mental Health for the students of the College.

2. Organisation of District Level Seminar to observe 'Celebration of Bi - Centenary Birth Anniversary of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar' with financial assistance from Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal on 26/09/2019.

3. Organisation of Speech Contest among students to observe International Women's Day.

4. Screening of movie to raise social awareness among students. 

5. Organisation of Interactice Session, 'Beyond Boundaries: Education for Entrepreneurship' to create awareness among students regarding various job opportunities.

6. Inititation of Academic and Administrative Audit by External Agencies.

7. Initiation of Green Audit by External Agencies.

Session 2020 - 21

1. Continuation of the Interactive Session , 'Beyond Boundaries: Education for Entrepreneurship' in association with Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education and Samskruti Foundation.

2. Special Lecture on Gender Equity.

3. Special Lectures on Intellectual Property Rights.

4. Distribution of old clothes and initiation of a clothes bank within the college campus.

5. Initiation of Gardening Project within the college campus.

6. Organisation of Youth Employability Program in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Service for the students of Semester VI.

7. Creation of Online Repository of Class Lectures.

8. Observance of Environment Day on 05/06/2021 in association with SPOAR Foundation, Jalpaiguri.

9. Organisation of Communicative English classes for the teachers of the college.