After completion of the below mentioned Programmes offered by the Institution, students will be able to achieve the intended objectives:


a. Develop and adapt active reading skills.

b. Improved vocabulary.

c. Increased awareness about aspects of Bengali culture and literature.

d. Relate texts to the social, historical and cultural contexts in which the texts are written.

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a. Enhanced linguistic capabilities.

b. Understanding of the political, cultural, social, economic and intellectual backgrounds of the various periods in literary history.

c. A deeper insight into the world of literature.

d. Ability to critically appreciate major literary works of the world.

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a. Develop an increased ability to read and understand the language.

b. Increased knowledge and understanding of Sanskrit grammar and familiarity with the history of Sanskrit literature.

c. Enhanced ability to critically analyse and assess existing research through careful reading and discussion.

d. Insight into one or more fields of specialization within the broader topics of ancient Indian religion, literature and history.

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a. Understand the relatonship between education and philosophy; education and psychology; education and sociology.

b. Apply philosophical, psychological and sociological theories in the field of education.

c. Understand the social structure and the relationship between education and society.

d. Understand individual differences and its implication.

e. Apply statistical principles.

f. Acquainted with the development of education in India; role of educational thinkers and their contribution.

g. Gain awareness about the existing educational bodies and their functions.

h. Understand the role of mental hygiene and be aware of mental disorders.

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a. Understand the political, economic, social, cultural, intellectual and religious changes in the past and their relation to the historical context of the period under study.

b. Understand historical problems and debates.

c. Understand large - scale and long - term historical developments of regional, natioal and global scope.

d. Develop skills including the ablity of critical and logical thinking.

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a. Ability to apply philosophical learning to important public issues.

b. Articulate fundamental questions about what exists.

c. Ability to explain epistemological and metaphysical concepts.

d. Develop their own philosophical areas of interest and investigate them from various perspectives.

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a. Students will develop an understanding of core political science concepts and theories within multiple disciplinary subfields and be able to apply them to the analysis of the political world.

b. Students will develop effective communication skills, characterised by the ability to communicate in the styles and forms that will prepare them for graduate-level research in political science and/or the professional world.

c. Students will develop effective research skills needed to produce research papers or research reports common in the academic discipline or in professional public affairs.

d. Students will develop knowledge or career paths and appropriate tools to aid in professional development in the discipline or in public and international affairs.

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