Feedback Mechanism

Feedback of the students and teachers regarding syllabus and its transaction are taken at the end of each academic year.

Teachers are asked to download the feedback form available in the College website and express their opinions and suggestions freely. Their feedback is then analysed jointly by the Principal, IQAC Coordinator and Teacher Council Secretary. 

Analysis of their feedback and the action to be taken are intimated to the teachers in the Teacher Council Meeting at the beginning of each academic year.

Feedback is also collected from the students. Students are asked their opinion about transaction of syllabus. Heads of the Departments are informed about the feedback received from the students. The Principal, IQAC Coordinator, Teacher Council Secretary and the Head of the Departments analyse the feedback of the students and decide on the further course of action.

Analysis of the feedback received from the teachers and students and the action taken on that basis is made available below. 


Session 2021 - 2022

Session 2022 - 2023