The college aims to impart education to students irrespective of caste, creed or social position. We believe in the assertion 'Education is a weapon of liberty'. With this belief, an approach towards improvement of human values through education has been initiated. The college authority works hard to stretch their helping hand to the students in every need. The College dreams of a brighter future, a tomorrow replete with value education, career counsellor and overall development as a complete human being.

The college aims at creating a platform that would be conducive to fulfill it’s march towards excellence. It aims to equip and empower students with relevant domain knowledge, competence and creativity to meet the challenges the world would throw at them. It aims to initiate and achieve innovations in teaching – learning, research and extension activities to realize national goals, including adoption and promotion of knowledge output for all round human development. Being the only college in the district dedicated to women, the college takes its duty towards women empowerment seriously and strives to promote a conducive atmosphere for the same.  The aim is to create awareness about human rights, value systems, culture, heritage, scientific temper and environment so that our students emerge as conscientious citizens of this country.

The vision of the college is to transform the dreams of our students into reality and in that process to develop them as informed and knowledgeable individuals, capable of realizing the challenges of living in a dynamic world and reacting accordingly. The College strives to provide an environment which is intellectually rich, emotionally enabling and culturally proficient to its students, to aid the aforementioned vision.



The college envisions its role as a facilitator and enabler of the academic goals of the students. It also aims to position itself as an institution which aims to shape young and impressionable women into responsible citizens and empowered individuals of this nation. To achieve these goals, the college intends to strengthen its core values which are:

  1. Promoting an egalitarian academic culture to ensure that all our students, irrespective of her caste, creed, religion, economic status are provided with equal opportunities and resources that the institution can offer.
  2. The college believes in instilling a sense of dynamism and urgency in the various academic and non- academic affairs pertaining to the activities of the college.
  3. To instill a sense of responsibility and leadership among the students so that they can emerge as individuals capable of nuanced and informed decision making.
  4. The institution believes in contemporizing education and making it relevant. Therefore, attempts are made to impart lectures in vernaculars, to an extent feasible.
  5. To uphold the principle of unity in diversity. The college believes in appreciation of heterogeneity and multi culturalism.
  6. To create an enabling space that would encourage academic inquisitiveness and the spirit of interrogation.
  7. Ethical and moral education which is Humanist in its intent.
  8. Creating a discourse to enable gender sensitizations.