Dear All,

Higher education is a sector, full with possibilities and challenges. Working here is not a time bound job. Rather, it is a responsibility. This college has grown over the years and is still in the process of development. Development of proper infrastructure is in full swing. Our dream is gradually getting realised. A committed team with vision is working here with a missionary zeal. We know well that we have to face new challenges of time. Therefore, a proper educational atmosphere is our first target. Only then, a bright future can be accessible. The guardians, students and well wishers – all are stakeholders in educational institutes. Besides us, they have their role to play also. Women’s education is the sole harbinger of the modernist society. Let us do something for it !

The College abides by the following Code of Conduct  

The institution intends to uphold a value structure that would enable all the stakeholders to adhere to highest standards of honesty and integrity. The college is steadfast in its commitment towards maintaining the codes of conduct that it has set for itself and its beneficiaries. The faculty members, students and the other staff of the institution are expected to live upto the standards, and strict censure and appropriate disciplinary measures would be recommended in case of any breach.

  1. No student shall enter or leave the class room when the session is on and without the permission of the teacher concerned.
  2. All the students are expected to be present in the class well within time and late coming will result in loss of attendance.
  3. Students shall come to the college in respectable attire and should behave in a manner that would not hurt the sentiments and sensibilities of fellow students.
  4. In the events of student seminars/ conferences it is compulsory for the students to be present for the whole duration.
  5. All the students shall wear their identity cards, well displayed and shall produce at any hour of the day on being asked by persons authorized by the college for the same.
  6. Students are expected to make use of the library, wifi and other common facilities provided to them according to the rules laid down by the college authority for the same.
  7. Students are discouraged from organizing any unauthorized celebration within the college premises, indulge in unauthorized political activities.
  8. Students are required to maintain themselves in a manner so as to affirm the community values and perform the duties as expected of a citizen of a constitutional democracy.
  9. Students and the faculty members are required to keep their mobile phones switched off during class hours.
  10. Students are expected to make optimum use of the sports equipment and other co – curricular facilities made available for them.
  11. Harassing juniors, ill treatment of fellow students or any such forms of ragging is expressly prohibited and the strictest punishment would be meted out to the wrong doer if found guilty after the due process.
  12. Any and every act of violence, destruction of college property, disrespectful activities would not be tolerated and the authority reserves all rights to deal with such incidents according to the decision to be taken by the college governing body and the law of the land.
  13. The college strictly discourages any act/attitude of discrimination against members of LGBTQ collectives. The Equal Opportunity Cell of the college is tasked with the duty to appropriately respond to any offence committed against them within the college premises.
  14. Faculty members are expected to complete their teaching assignments according to the time frame allowed. They are expected to act impartially and treat students fairly.
  15. All staff members and the students are required to adhere to any and every rules passed by the governing body for the smooth functioning of the institution.
  16. All the stakeholders are required to maintain punctuality and personal decorum.


                                             Dr. Amitabh Roy