In order to know about the students' perception about college, a surevy is conducted every year by engaging students of the final year/semester. Students of Honours Courses are engaged to assess their educational exerience in college over the period of three years. They are given a semi - structured questionnaire which asks for their feedback on their overall classroom experience, co-curricular activities, and the campus. 

Feedback forms are handed over to them in confidentiality  wherein they express their opinions freely. The responses of the students are then analysed by the Principal, Teacher Council Secretary and the Coordinator of the IQAC .

Teachers are informed about analysis made by the students. If needed the Principal enquires into the matter and provides suggestions for improvement. Teachers are informed about changes (if necessary) to be made in their Teaching methods.



1. Regularisation of Remedial Classes.

2. Introduction of Special Lectures by teachers from other Institutions.

3. Introduction of Student Seminars.

4. Increase in the usage of Audio - Viual Room by teachers. Increase in engagement of teachers with ICT resources while imparting lessons.

5. Introduction of Departmental Library to ensure better reading and reference facility.

6. Introduction of Periodical assessment of students along with continuous evaluation.

7. Tie up with agencies to provide skill development training to the students.

8. Tie up with agencies to provide Soft - Skill Training to the students.