Women's Cell was formed following the recommendation of the NAAC Peer Team during the First Cycle of  accreditation. 

The Anti Ragging Committee, Internal Complaints Committee and Grievance Redressal Cell together constitute the Women's Cell.

Members of the Cell:

1. Dr. Ritwika Laskar, Assistant Professor, Department of Education

2. Jayeeta Roy, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

3. Bitasta Goswami, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Objectives of the Cell

a) Keep the Institute's environment peaceful so that girls can pursue their education with confidence and dignity.

b) Raising awareness of significant issues pertaining to women and offering a platform for debate and discussion.

c) To settle disputes involving complaints made by employees or students.

d) To build a society that values equality and respect for all.

e) To organize events addressing gender-related topics.

f) Guiding and empowering girls to realize their actual potential and to carve out a place for themselves in a cutthroat society.