Policy for the Differently Abled 



  1. To ensure reservation of 3% of seats in each category across all Courses of Study for Persons with Disability.
  2. To ensure admission of students with disability through the reservation of seats meant for them.
  3. To ensure extra time at the time of examinations as stipulated by the University of North Bengal.
  4. To sensitise students and teachers towards needs of Persons with Disability.
  5. To organise awareness programmes to develop a positive attitude towards persons with disability.
  6. To organize Remedial Classes for Persons with Disability.




  1. Medical Equipment like Blood Pressure monitoring machine, Weighing Scale, Sick Bed and First Aid Kit are made available in the College.
  2. The College provides a wheel chair. It also has a ramp and hand rails.
  3. Separate toilet has been made available for Persons with Disability. The toilet is easily accessible. The needs of people with disabilities were especially taken into consideration when constructing the toilet. 
  4. People with disabilities can appear for their examination in a room on the ground floor that is designated just for them. 
  5. With approval from the University of North Bengal, the College allows scribes for the differently able students at the time of examination.
  6. Differently able students are allowed an extra time of 20 minutes per hour to complete their examination.


To download the Policy Document, CLICK HERE.




Some Picture of Facilities for the Differently Abled