The Internal Quality Assurance Cell was formed on 31/01/2015 and reconstituted on 27/07/2018 with the following members.

  • Dr. Amitabh Roy, Vice Principal & Chairperson
  • Shri Anup Chakraborty, Administrative Officer
  • Dr. Indramadhab Das, Teacher Representative
  • Prof. Jayeeta Roy, Teacher Representative
  • Prof. Bitasta Goswami, Teacher Representative
  • Prof. Joydeep Singh, Teacher Representative
  • Shri. Sanjit Dhar, Management Member
  • Shri Ajit Nath, Local Society Representative
  • Shri Swarup Kar, Industrialist
  • Dr. Ritwika Laskar, Coordinator


a) Implementation of Online Admission System

b) Organisation of State Level Seminar/Special Programmes/District Level Inter - College Competitions

c) Organisation of Special Lectures

d) Digitisation of the Library

e) Development of Departmental Libraries

f) Development of Book Bank

g) Modification and upgradation of the College website

h) Implementation of Choice Based Credit System

i) Recording achievement of students at the exaination conducted by the University of North Bengal

j) Recording participation of teachers in Orientation Programmes, Refresher Courses and Short Term Courses

Minutes of Meeting and Action Taken Report 

Minutes of Meeting Action Taken Report
Meeting No. 01  
Meeting No. 02 Report 02
Meeting No. 03 Report 03
Meeting No. 04 Report 04
Meeting No. 05 Report 05
Meeting No. 06 Report 06
Meeting No. 07 Report 07




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