A. In the Semester System, the Under – Graduate Examinations will be held in six parts:

  • The First and Second Semester for students enrolled in the First Year.
  • The Third and Fourth Semester for students in the Second Year.
  • The Fifth and Sixth Semester for students in the Third Year.


B. A candidate will be awarded marks in the following pattern on the basis of her attendance:

Attendance of 75% and above but below 80%                      02 marks

Attendance of 80% and above but below 85%                      03 marks

Attendance of 85% and above but below 90%                      04 marks

Attendance of 90% and above                                             05 marks


C. Any candidate to be eligible for appearing at any of the Semesters of Under Graduate Examination must have minimum 75% attendance of lectures delivered.

D. Students should complete internal assessments before appearing at the respective semester examination and the marks obtained will be carried over in case students fail to pass the Course (s).

E. There shall be no qualifying marks for internal assessment but the candidates shall have to appear at the said part of the examination. There will be no scope for reappearing in internal assessment examination or reassessment of internal examination mark.

F. The Semester – End Examinations will be held in the last months of the Semesters, namely December (in the odd semesters) and in June (in the even semesters). The internal assessments will continue through the Semesters.

Scheme for CBCS in B.A. Honours Program – 1st Year (Semester I & II)

SEMESTER Discipline Specific Course (DSC) [Honours Subject] Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) General Elective Course (GE) [Pass Paper]
I Paper I


 GE - 1, Paper 1

Paper II
II Paper III AECC 2 (Compulsory English/Bengali) GE - 1, Paper 2
Paper IV

Scheme for CBCS in B.A. Program (General) – 1st Year (Semester I & II) 

SEMESTER Discipline Specific Course (DSC) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) Language Core Course (LCC 1) Language Core Course (LCC 2)

DSC 1 -  Paper 1


Bengali/Alt. English/Hindi

(Paper I)

DSC 2 -  Paper 1


(Paper I)

DSC 2 -  Paper 2